Charity Number: 1161031
Social Activities for Elderly & Seniors
  • 2 PM
  • The Clarendon Hotel, Blackheath
The Good Samaritan Foundation Vocational Centre Launch
  • 3pm
  • Civic Centre Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Opp. 1004 Victoria Island, Lagos
Get ready for our Family Fun Day
05 Nov
Get ready for our Family Fun Day
  • 3PM
  • Blackheath Halls 23 Lee Road Blackheath London SE3 9RQ
Celebrating the beauty that comes with age.
17 Aug
Celebrating the beauty that comes with age.
  • 12 PM
  • Deptford Lounge 9 Giffin Street SE8 4RH


This project is a multi-million naira endeavour that will succeed only with support from well meaning men and women who would love to be part of our effort in securing a better life for young people and numerous distressed people in Nigeria.
You can become part of this effort today by donating towards the project.
Contact our Project Team For more Information 07877122098

Foundation to set up vocational centre in Ogun, meets Sarafa Isola in UK

Group plans vocational training for Ogun youths

The Good Samaritan Foundation Hosts the Lewisham Family Fun Day in Memory of Queen Elizabeth II

The Nigeria High Commissioner in the UK Ambassador Isola Sarafa Supports Vocational Training Centre in Loburo, Ogun State